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Are You Losing Water Pressure in Your Westgreen Park Shower? 

A blast of hot, high-pressure water is one of the great pleasures of showering. Losing water pressure, either slowly or all at once, can be both alarming and irritating. 

Here are the steps you should take and when to call a plumber.

Check Other Faucets

If the water pressure is low all over your house, you could have a municipal water problem or a major water leak. 

You can call the City of Katy Water Department at (281) 391-4820 to see if there is an issue and, if so, when it will likely be fixed.

If the City Water Department doesn’t have an issue, then there’s a good chance you have a major problem requiring a plumber’s help. The issue could be one of several things (see below).

If it’s only one shower or showerhead, you can start narrowing down the causes.

Inspect the Showerhead 

Is the showerhead clogged? If you have hard water like many in Katy, there’s a good chance minerals could be in the showerhead. 

Fill a ziplock bag with vinegar and then rubberband it to the showerhead overnight. This will soften the build-up. You can then use a small brush to remove sediment from the holes. 

You may need a new showerhead if you don’t see any mineral deposits. If replacing the showerhead doesn’t do the trick, you’ll probably still have to call a plumber.

Check Your Valves

Sometimes, homeowners close or partially close important valves by accident. Check if your water meter, main shutoff, and inline valves are open. 

If all the valves are open as expected, you might have a deeper problem. 

What else could be wrong with your water pressure?

Several things could be going wrong. Most of the issues below involve parts that are difficult to access, which means you should call us rather than try to DIY them. 

  1. You could have a stuck or worn-out mixing valve.
  2. You could have a faulty water pressure regulator. 
  3. One or more supply pipes may be corroded, leaking, or blocked.
  4. Your home’s water main could be leaking. 
  5. There’s an issue with your water heater. 

You don’t really have to do the guesswork here. When you call us, we’ll diagnose and fix the problem immediately. We’ll help you find the most cost-effective fix and alert you if there is any potential for ongoing issues that might require a deeper fix, such as a whole home repipe. Don’t take our word for it, see what our happy customers have to say about working with us!

Having a problem right now? Call (832) 503-4262 to make your service request! 

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