Garbage Disposal Installation near Katy, TX

Garbage Disposal Installation in Katy, TX

Few systems can clog up your plumbing faster than a garbage disposal in poor repair. When used properly garbage disposals can last up to ten years, but many homeowners are pretty tough on them.

Hey, we won't judge if we find some pasta or coffee grounds in your disposal. We'll just get you a fresh, shiny new one...while perhaps sharing some tips for keeping us from having to come back out in a couple of years!

What are the signs of a failing garbage disposal?

Common signs of garbage disposal problems include:

You may also have garbage disposal issues if your dishwasher isn't running well or if you're finding debris in what should be a clean load of dishes. This can be a sign that the garbage disposal has backed up into your dishwasher even if you're not experiencing an active clog yet.

Should you repair your garbage disposal or replace it?

There are some cases where a quick, easy repair is the better choice. We can usually fix up a jammed disposal or a clogged drain without having to replace the entire unit.

Yet some units are beyond repair.

We'll always offer you the least expensive option we can find for you. We can also recommend some true high-quality garbage disposals that can handle a bit more and which give out a lot less. That way if you're having to install a new unit anyway you can at least get a top-notch option!

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