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4 Signs You Need a Whole House Repipe

Has your plumbing been on the fritz for months now? Chances are, the problem isn’t going to go away on its own. If your house is over 15 years old, spot-fixing plumbing problem after plumbing problem is going to become more expensive than fixing the root problem. Your pipes are outdated, leaky, and corroded, and they need to be replaced with modern pipes that will last a lifetime. Here are the signs it’s time to start thinking about a whole home repipe.

#1) Your water pressure makes you sad.

There’s nothing like the blast of good, hot shower water from a properly pressurized shower head. Losing water pressure means getting a slow, ineffective trickle.

Low water pressure can also make it hard to wash your dishes or flush your toilets. 

A sudden drop in water pressure usually means a leak. Slow, gradual declines mean your plumbing system is breaking down.

#2) You’ve had multiple plumbing leaks.

Is this the third time in two months that you’ve had to call a plumber about plumbing leaks? One leak is an isolated problem.

Three leaks or more are a sign that your pipes have thinned or corroded to the point where they can no longer handle the water flow. 

#3) Your pipes have started a punk band.

If you hear squealing, shrieking, and banging every time you turn on the water, your pipes are giving up the ghost. They won’t go gently into that good night, so they’ll sing about it first.

As loathe as we are to impose on anyone’s art, you should probably retire the Punk Rock Pipes in favor of pipes that can get the job done. 

#4) Your water looks gross.

Do you see a flood of brown, icky water when you turn on the faucet? 

You’re seeing a buildup of rust and minerals inside your pipes. This problem isn’t going to go away! And the more rust you see, the more holes are developing, which means major leaks are just around the corner.

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If your house is over 15 years old and you’re experiencing any of these signs, it’s time to consider a whole house repipe. Right now, you can get $500 off your repipe by scheduling an appointment with Acosta Plumbing.

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