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While we can usually spot repair a single pipe when we need to, there are times when the entire system just needs to be replaced. While having your entire home repiped can sound intimidating, we do our best to make it a painless process.

We don't recommend repiping unless you really need new pipes, but if we think you're going to waste time and money by keeping the pipes you have we'll always tell you so.

Why repipe your home?

There are many reasons to get rid of old, outdated pipes.

Corroded, rusty pipes just can't be repaired after a certain point. If you start seeing water damage in your house, see increases in your water bills, get decreases in water pressure, or are having frequent plumbing problems then your old, outdated pipes are probably the culprit. Rust in your water is another great reason to swap out old pipes for new ones.

Tree roots in pipes are another scenario where repiping might be necessary. Roots can infiltrate older pipes where they don't infiltrate newer ones.

Regardless of the reason repiping your home can offer a significant return on investment in terms of home value. If you need to sell the home a house with newer, stronger pipes is always going to do better than a home with old, dodgy plumbing. This is especially true in homes built before the 1970s, which typically do need a whole home repiping sooner rather than later.

Your whole-house repipe can save you from years of plumbing problems.

If you're tired of thinking about your plumbing then we're ready to bring you a solution. Call (832) 479-1041 to schedule an estimate today. We're Katy's repiping specialists!

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