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4 Mistakes Katy, TX Homeowners Make With Their Drains

Few people want to spend time and money dealing with drains that drain slowly or not at all.

Fortunately, you can usually avoid clogged sinks if you avoid these simple mistakes.

#1) Pouring Grease Down the Drain

Grease is one of the biggest culprits in the world of drain clogs.

We understand it’s difficult to deal with or to get out of pots and pans entirely. But the more grease you can keep out of the pipes, the better. It may be a liquid when it goes down the drain, but it will solidify eventually.

Pour the grease into a paper cup and freeze it instead, then throw it in the garbage when it becomes solid again. Use a paper towel to wipe the excess from your pan. Use dish soap to dissolve any grease that may remain. This will keep most of the grease out of your drain.

#2) Rinsing Coffee Grounds Into the Sink

Keep as many coffee grounds out of your drains as possible. Again, we know it’s difficult, especially if you use a French Press that will eventually need rinsing.

But coffee grounds bond together to become a sticky sludge that clings to pipes and won’t budge.

#3) Tossing Pasta and Rice Into the Garbage Disposal

Pasta and rice expand when they come into contact with water. The disposal can’t break up the resulting mush, so it accumulates until it clogs up the drain.

Scrape your plate before you take it to the sink. The disposal is meant to catch the small food particles that accidentally make it into your drain after you scrape your plate. It was never meant to handle big food waste and debris.

#4) Using Drain Cleaner Instead of Calling a Plumber

We know. That Draino bottle looks much cheaper than a call to Acosta Plumbing Solutions of Katy, TX.

Too bad it uses hydrochloric acid. That acid might eat the clog. But it’s going to eat your pipe, too. When that small clog becomes a huge pipe leak, you’ll wipe out those savings big time. 

Plus, a clog can be a symptom of a much bigger issue in your pipes. You need a plumber if a little Dawn, some plunging, and a pot of boiling hot water can’t solve the clog. Save yourself the trip to Home Depot, and call us. 

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