If you notice that your sinks or bathtubs are draining slowly or your toilet is not flushing as it should, you may have a drain that has become blocked, preventing proper drainage. We provide expert drain cleaning services.

Bathroom Drains

The biggest culprit for drain stoppages in the bathroom sink or shower is hair. Long or short – washing, coloring or cutting it – hair ends up being washed down the drain where it can become hung up on the stopper or in the drain. When this happens soap, shaving cream and other beauty or hygiene products can accumulate, slowing or preventing water from draining as it should. This common type of stoppage can be cleared using various techniques, depending on the location or severity of the blockage.

Toilet Stoppages

On occasion toilets may become clogged by excess toilet paper, too many ‘flushable’ wipes, tampons or even a child’s toy. These stoppages are normally resolved using a hand or electric snake. Help to avoid this type of stoppage by reducing the amount of toilet paper or wipes that are flushed at one time and never flush feminine hygiene products down your toilet.

Kitchen Sinks

Slow or stopped up drains in the kitchen are normally caused by food. In a sink that does not have a garbage disposal food should not be put down the sink. If you do have a garbage disposal remember that not all foods should be put into the disposal. Many foods like rice, potatoes, coffee grinds and grease will form a pasty residue that will build up in your pipes over time and cause your drain to become inefficient. See below for the Bad and Okay items for your disposal.


· Artichokes · Asparagus · Avocado pits · Bones · Carrots · Celery · Coffee grounds · Corn husks · Egg shells · Grease · Lettuce · Onion skins · Pasta · Peach pits · Potato peels · Raw meat with bones


Fruit peels · Vegetable peels · Citrus rinds · Small pieces of cooked meat, no fat or bones

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