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8 Tips to Hire the Perfect Plumber

Occasionally, something breaks.  It happens to everyone.  However – when it is your water line, or any other part of your Katy Texas home’s plumbing you are going to need professional help – and fast!  But how do you know which plumber you should hire?

Here are 8 tips on hiring the perfect plumber:

  1.       Check for Licensure
  • You want to make sure that your plumber is actually qualified. Just like teachers need to be certified to teach, your plumber needs to have a mastery of their trade.


  • Most states in the U.S. require all plumbers to hold a license, including Texas. If your plumber in the Katy area doesn’t hold a license, that should be your first red flag.
  1.       Make Sure the Company is Insured
  • Having a fully insured plumber on the job protects you and the plumber from major and minor accidents on the job.


  •  Knowing your plumber is fully insured provides you the peace of mind to move forward with the job.  If the contractor damages your driveway while sewer line replacement, or breaks a skylight working in your attic – can they afford to repair or replace it out of pocket?  Why risk that.
  1.       Check Online Reviews and Ask the Plumber for References
  • Always find out what other customers are saying.  Are they happy with the service they received? Google and Facebook reviews are a perfect resource to establish trust based on other’s experience with this contractor.


  • After receiving an estimate – it’s also a good idea to ask for 3 references.  Don’t be afraid to check them out.
  1.       Ask How Long They’ve Been in Business
  •  It’s important you hire a plumber with experience.  This is especially true depending on the caliber and complexity of the job.  As with any professional you hire – with experience comes wisdom and efficiency in their trade skill.
  1.       Do they Offer a Warranty
  • If your plumber is confident in their trade and would like to be rehired in the future, they will want to guarantee their job was worth your money and time.


  • If the plumber does not offer a warranty, that should sound off some warning bells and you should consider hiring another professional Katy plumber instead.


  • A warranty is necessary, as it gives you peace of mind and instils trust that the  plumber is reliable.


  • The plumber may also benefit from a good review, possible referral business, and much more if you’re happy with their work and feel protected by their job warranty.
  1.       A Positive Rapport Counts
  • It’s important that you are comfortable interacting with the plumber you hire.  You don’t have to be best friends, but if they have good “people skills” – you’re more likely to hire them again in the future. 
  1.       Pricing
  • Make sure that the cost of their service is transparent.  Nobody appreciates hidden expenses.  Never agree to work with a plumber who will not provide at least a ballpark estimate after appraising your job!
  1.       Convenient Hours
  • It is impossible to anticipate a broken water pipe, or a clogged toilet.  If you want maximum peace of mind, you should work with a plumber with the expertise to resolve your plumbing issues quickly and efficiently.

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