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What Are Drain Stoppages?

If you have slow drains in your sinks, toilets, tubs or showers or noticeable unpleasant smells whose source you can’t quite pinpoint, you may have a sewer clog or backup. Do-it-yourself fixes like commercial drain cleaners can create more problems than they solve, and trying to remove the clog with a drain snake can push the blockage further down in your pipes, causing a more severe situation. If a stubborn sewer clog is causing plumbing issues at your home, it’s not a problem you can afford to ignore. Expecting the problem to resolve itself is just wishful thinking. Far from being a minor nuisance, a clogged drain can lead to some serious plumbing issues. If you don’t call a professional plumber, a drain blockage can expose you and your loved ones to some unpleasant and unsanitary conditions.

The Anatomy of a Sewer Clog

How do pipes get clogged? If your bathroom drains are backed up, the most likely cause is a combination of soap scum and shed hair, both of which wash down our sinks and showers in abundance every day. In kitchens, drain clogs are frequently the result of food debris and cooking grease, which will harden and stick to your pipes as it cools. One other frequent reason for clogs is when people flush things other than toilet paper and human waste down the toilet. Another common cause of clogged pipes may be something you’ve never thought of before: tree roots. If you have trees or shrubbery growing near your sewer main, you are at risk of the roots infiltrating your pipes in search of water and nutrients.

What Professional Drain Cleaning Entails

At Acosta Plumbing Solutions. we can determine the severity and location of your clogged drain using our video camera technology. Having completed a video inspection, we can then assess the best plan of attack for getting rid of your stubborn clog for good. We often recommend hydro-jetting, which is an environmentally friendly technique that uses a controlled stream of highly pressurized water to break apart debris and scour the interior walls of pipes. Hydro-jetting is a non-invasive way to restore your pipe to a “like-new” state without any need to dig. Not only will your clog be gone, you’ll also enjoy improved water flow.

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