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How to Know if Your Sewer Lines Need Attention

Last week we were out working on a home in the Pine Forest subdivision. Tree roots had completely invaded the customer’s older pipes. They found out the hard way: when the neighbor knocked on the door.

A missing sewer line cap in the backyard and a backup sent certain solid matter into the neighbor’s yard.

Not a visit you want to have. Plus, it would only have been a matter of time before the sewage started flowing back into the house. Few things are worse than watching raw sewage bubble into a bathtub. 

These sorts of problems don’t have to take you by surprise. There are some signs that your sewer lines need an inspection and a little TLC from a company like ours.

Frequent Drain Clogs 

A clog is a clog, whether the drain is slow or backed up altogether. When one drain goes slow, it’s probably a problem with the drain. When multiple household drains start acting up, the problem is probably somewhere in your sewer lines.

Unpleasant Odors

We probably don’t have to elaborate on this too much. We’ll just tell you where to find it. You’ll usually start smelling it inside the house near your toilet, or out in the yard.

Lush Patches of Grass

Fertilizer is fertilizer, and your grass will likely enjoy your broken sewer lines more than you will. 

Gurgling Noises

There is nothing more ominous than the sound of plumbing pipes gurgling away. 

Call Us

Believe it or not, addressing sewer line problems isn’t always as expensive as most homeowners fear. If you call us early, we may even be able to address the issue without digging up your entire yard.

If you already know you have older pipes, calling us anyway might be a good idea. Anything that rusts can get invaded by tree roots. We replace your lines with modern PVC piping to keep tree roots and other clogs from becoming an issue. 

We serve all the neighborhoods in Katy. Contact us to schedule a quote today. 

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