Plumber in Katy, TX completing a residential toilet installation.

Bid Goodbye to Plumbing Woes – Get the Toilet Installation Done by the Expert Professional

Are you looking for a plumber for toilet installation? Or are you thinking about getting your leaking toilet repaired?

Acosta Plumbing Solutions is what you need for this job. We understand emergency plumbing issues and can guarantee 100% satisfaction with our plumbing services. 

Our Common Repair Services

Water leakage, clogging, or a non-working flush are common issues in a toilet that require immediate attention. These plumbing issues can disrupt your daily routine. Call on our toilet repair experts, a plumber in Katy, to fix the problem and restore proper functionality to your toilet.


Most people don’t care about toilets until the flush stops working or it gets stopped up. If you notice an overflow of water, get the toilet checked by a professional, its important to keep the toilet in a good, hygienic, and safe condition to avoid bigger problems in the future.


Some services that Acosta offers that can prolong the life of your toilet include:


  • Installation of new steel braid hoses


  • Toilet tank rebuilds


  • Wax seal replacements

Want a Hassle-Free New Toilet Installation On Your Premises? 

There are certain things you can do on your own, and there are certain things you should leave to the professionals. Installing a toilet is one of those things for the professionals.


You are mistaken if you think installing a toilet is just about measuring the distance from the wall. It is far more complicated, so you should hire a professional plumber to not risk damage to your bathroom. 


If your toilet is old, you may want to consider a new toilet installation. We can suggest upgrading or replacing your toilet and improving its style and function. We provide same-day plumbing services to individuals residing in Katy and surrounding areas. 

Types Of Toilets Installation We Undertake

The most common toilets are two-piece: the water tank and bowl are separate. These types of toilets tend to have a long life. 

Some options for a two-piece toilet installation that we provide are:


  • Round Toilet: This traditional toilet style is less expensive than the elongated ones. It fits well into small spaces.


  • Elongated Toilet: These toilets are oval, and many people consider this to be more comfortable for adults. Elongated toilets are slightly larger and longer than round toilets. Some brands of elongated toilets are easier to clean than round toilets as they have a better flush.


  • Comfort Height Toilet: The standard height is 15” from the ground. This is at the approximate height of a chair, which is 17–19”, so people prefer this height. It is easier for older adults to use, and these toilets are also ADA-compliant. These are available in elongated and round styles. 

Providing Fast And Efficient Solutions To Ensure The Toilet Is Up And Running In No Time

Although we provide quick and time efficient general plumbing services; we take time to explain to you what the actual issue is so that you can make an informed decision.

We assist our customers with drain stoppages, drain cleaning, faucet repair and installation, frozen pipes, tankless water heater installations, and more.

Acosta Plumbing Solutions is your one-stop solution for any plumbing service if you are looking for a professional plumber in the Katy area that values your business and trust.
At Acosta Plumbing, we always pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction.

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