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7 Signs You Need a Whole House Repipe

A whole house repipe isn’t exactly the most glamorous home improvement project, and it’s one many homeowners don’t want to think about. Many Houston homeowners are pretty intimidated by the prospect.

You may be able to do without a repipe for a few more years, even if you have older pipes. Nevertheless, you’ll need to plan for one eventually. Here are seven signs that it’s time to move this project to the top of your priority list. 

#1) Frequent Leaks

Frequent leaks mean that your old home pipes are corroding. Rust eventually leads to holes, which in turn leads to leaks.

You tend to see leaks at the joints long before you see blatant holes, however. Joints deteriorate faster, causing water seepage that can cause quite a bit of damage. 

#2) Frequent Clogs

Old pipes develop build-up over time. Snaking them or hydro-jetting them can help, but you should remember they’re producing some of their own build-up in addition to whatever is going down the pipes. Rust is a form of build-up, too. 

This means the problem is going to keep returning, and you’ll have to keep paying to fix it until you adopt a more permanent solution.

#3) Low Water Pressure

Mineral build-up inside of old pipes can restrict water flow, causing low water pressure. Any corrosion or clogging can do the same.

Low water pressure can make it almost impossible to shower, cook, and clean effectively. It’s not a mere inconvenience. Often, it’s the final death toll of a plumbing system that’s about to go. 

#4) Discolored Water

Discolored water means that rust is getting into your water supply. 

Nobody wants to see brown water when they turn on the tap. It won’t go away on its own; it’s time to schedule a whole home repipe.

#5) Your Pipes Froze This Winter

Nobody in Houston ever thinks we live in the kind of an environment where burst pipes might be an issue—until it happens. A burst pipe can flood your entire home, destroy your ceilings, and create a fire hazard by bringing water into contact with your electrical wires.

Old pipes are made of lead, cast iron, or galvanized steel, which are particularly prone to bursting.

When you order a whole house repipe, we’ll replace your pipes with PEX pipes. They aren’t 100% freeze-proof, but they don’t start to freeze until temperatures plunge to 20℉ if left uninsulated. You can usually prevent PEX from bursting by keeping your heat on and letting the faucets drip when temperatures plunge.

Remember, Houston is prone to ice and snow storms sometimes! 

#6) Foul, Smelly Water 

Old pipes can get all sorts of gunk inside of them. Mold, mildew, rust, trapped food particles, and bacteria can all contaminate your water supply as pipes begin to decay.

This type of water isn’t safe to use. If your water smells bad or tastes bad, call us right away.

#7) Old Pipes

If your pipes haven’t been switched out since the 1980s, then there’s a great chance that your plumbing system needs an overhaul. Chances are you still have pipes made out of clay, galvanized steel, cast iron, or lead pipes. 

Newer pipes are made out of copper, CPVC, or PEX, with PEX being the most popular choice. These materials last longer and are better equipped to withstand the rigors of modern living. They also don’t rust and are more resistant to tree roots and other sources of potential damage. 

Check your home records. If it’s been a while, it’s time to call us.

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Here’s the good news: a whole house repipe will increase the value of your home, increase your enjoyment of your home, and reduce the frequency of plumbing problems in your home. The project may not be glitzy or glamorous, but you’ll feel wonderful once it’s done.

If you’re ready to get started, contact Acosta Plumbing today. We’ll help you replace those old, worn pipes with brand-new ones that you won’t have to think about for at least 25 years, if not longer. In fact, PEX pipes can last up to 100 years under ideal conditions. 

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