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Hard water is headache-causing water that has high levels of inorganic magnesium and calcium in it. Texas typically has very hard water, and the town of Katy is no exception.

You can tell whether you have hard water if:

Hard water is safe to drink and use, it just creates problems that most homeowners don't want to deal with.

If hard water is giving you a hard time, Acosta Plumbing has the solution. We install whole house water softener systems to give you water that's easier to live with.

What are the benefits of installing a water softener?

Don't love spending lots of money on water heaters? A water softener system can add a considerable amount of time to your water heater's lifespan.

Calcium and magnesium in your heaters can reduce the life of your water heater by up to two years. Reducing build-up in pipes and faucets helps the rest of your plumbing system last longer too, ensuring you require less maintenance and get better results. Tired of replacing your dishwashers and washing machines constantly? Get a whole home water softener, and give your appliances some real TLC.

When you have soft water, your clothes last longer and look nicer. You get that relaxing blast of water pressure when you step into the shower in the mornings. You spend a whole lot less money on bottled water, too.

How long does a water softener last?

A properly installed and maintained, high-quality water softener can last up to 15 years.

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