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Toilet Installation & Repair in Katy

Most of us don’t think too much about our toilets, but if your toilet is leaking, not flushing right or constantly running it could be causing an increase in your water bill. Prolong the life of your toilet by keeping it in good condition.

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Leaking Toilet Tank Repair

A leaking toilet tank can lead to unnecessary water consumption and higher utility bills. At Acosta Plumbing Solutions, we are well-equipped to diagnose and repair any leak in your toilet tank. 

Our skilled plumbers will conduct a comprehensive inspection to identify the root cause of the leak, which can be due to a damaged flapper, loose bolts, cracks in the tank, or a faulty fill valve. Once we identify the issue, we will provide transparent explanations and promptly carry out the necessary repairs to ensure a watertight seal.

Expert Toilet Installation

If you need a new toilet installed, we offer expert installation services tailored to your needs. Whether you prefer a two-piece toilet or a one-piece one, our experienced team will handle the installation with precision and attention to detail.

Some popular options for a two-piece toilet are:

Elongated Toilet

Oval in shape, many argue that this is the most comfortable option for adults.  These toilets are slightly longer and larger than the round option, so they may not be the best option for a small space.  Some brands of elongated toilets have a more forceful flush and are easier to clean than round front toilets.

Round Toilet 

This traditional style of toilet fits well into smaller spaces and is a little less expensive than the elongated toilets. However, this type of toilet may not be as comfortable as an elongated toilet, is more difficult to clean and may have a less forceful flush.

Comfort Height Toilet 

Where a standard toilet height is 15” from the ground, comfort height toilets are at the approximate height of a chair – 17” – 19”.  Many consumers prefer this height. Comfort height toilets are ADA-compliant and can be easier for elderly or disabled folks to use. These toilets are available in round or elongated styles.

We understand the importance of proper toilet installation to prevent future leaks and ensure optimal toilet functionality.

Quality Service and Customer Satisfaction

At Acosta Plumbing Solutions, we are committed to delivering quality craft and excellent customer service. Our plumbers in Katy TX are trained to provide clear explanations throughout the repair or installation process, so you are always aware of what we are doing and why. We value your trust, and our fair pricing ensures you get the best service without breaking the bank.

Swift Solutions for Toilet Tank Problems

Our same-day plumbing services ensure that we respond promptly to your plumbing emergencies. If you’re dealing with toilet tank problems, don’t delay – contact Acosta Plumbing Solutions immediately for swift and efficient repairs.

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